Mix-Recording and Mix–Playback

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General Description

A performing session with the Authoring Application can be recorded as a so called Native Mix saving all DJ moves as control data. For the first time a DJ mix can be recorded as a non-destructive, editable control file. The original tracks remain untouched by the mix. It allows to save hours of performance in a file size suitable for convenient sharing and distribution over the internet. Additionally, it allows convenient dubbing of a mix and to manipulate the mix in non-real time using a graphical user interface.

During playback of the mix the individual tracks together with the control data is rendered to give the original mix. The actions performed by the artists during the recording can be displayed while the pre-recorded mix is played back. A mix can be shared on the sharing system and can be played back if the retrieving user possesses the identical tracks as the creator – without infringing intellectual property rights.

Responsible partner/team: Native Instruments