Rhythm Transcription, Decomposition and Morphing

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General Description

This interface is a visualisation and a manipulation tool to transcribe rhythmic patterns from an audio stream to a simple step sequencer representation and manipulate it. The user can switch from one to another in the same graphical interface The visualization function provides an interface displaying a pattern of one bar as a matrix. The vertical lines of the matrix correspond to the beats and sub-beats of the pattern (typically a sixteenth of the given bpm) while the horizontal lines represent each one of twelfth rhythmic tracks. The matriks are automatically filled according to the occurrence of an event on a certain beat of a certain rhythmic track. The rhythmic tracks correspond to frequency bands of the incoming signals, which give an approximate transcription of the polyphonic rhythmic content of the incoming audio signal.

The user can interact with the matriks in 3 different ways:

  • adjust frequency gain for each of the twelve frequency bands, with a dial button,
  • superimpose a sound beat synchronous, track depending by selecting a case of the matrix. The user can choose beetween standard beat box samples and adjust their volume. This way he can for instance superimpose samples where the energy is high and better understand the audio content. A button with an "automatic filling" function can fill the matriks regarding the energy level and superimpose samples to the original sound.
  • a slider called "Filter" makes a temporal filtering : preserving or cutting only the point selected in the matriks.

Responsible partners/teams: IRCAM Real-time Applications and IRCAM Hypermedia Studio teams

Visualisation and manipulation states of the Flash interface to be integrated into the Hi-fi system