Loop De-mixing Tool

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General Description

view of the step sequencer in the "Kupra Appolo 4-40" example

The goal of this prototype is to provide tools for understanding the rhythmic complexity of periodic techno loops. Based on ideas by Italian composer Andrea Cera, it helps decomposing this complexity into a number of independent instrumental tracks, simulate the corresponding sound by superposition of the tracks and compare it to the original. Suddenly dactyls or 'grooves' become apparent, which were impossible to hear a priori and which only become visible when laid out on the page or screen.

The developed prototype, in its first version, consists in a "step sequencer" playing several sounds extracted (using filtering method and time segmentation) from a given original audio sample and reconstructed synchronously along the original sample. A corresponding application prototype for the Hifi System was created by associating to this player a number of spatialization modules and choosing MusicSpace to control the spatialization of each instrument stream. Further developments of this concept have been extended into a Rhythm Transcription, Decomposition and Morphing Tool.

Responsible partner/team: IRCAM Hypermedia Studio, IRCAM Analysis of Musical Practices team