Cocktail Party Browser

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General Description

The goal of the Cocktail Party Browser prototype is to provide an original means for browsing in a database of music pieces based on streams separation. Different titles are simultaneously presented to the user as audio streams organized in a sound scene paradigm. The browsing process is translated into spatial navigation. The audio stream corresponding to the title under focus is presented in the frontal position, while secondary related streams are presented in the background. The challenge in this application lies in the creation of the desired "cocktail party effect" that allows putting the focus on a musical piece while remaining conscious of several other pieces played in the background.

The developed prototype is made of three software components: the ListenSpace application holding a geometrical representation of the sound scene, the user interface, and the signal processing component (designed inside the Max environment) performing the streaming of the audio content, the mutual masking controler and the spatial rendering using the IRCAM Spatialisateur.

Responsible partner/team: IRCAM Room Acoustics team