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The goal of the Hi-fi System work package is to integrate the technologies developed in the project into an operational hardware prototype, conformant to consumer electronics industrial standards, in order to demonstrate and prepare their applicability to future products.

The main goal of the work package consists in the development of the whole Hi-fi system application, including:

  • identification of transferable modules and features,
  • development of a dedicated software architecture and runtime,
  • optimization and integration of functional modules from partners,
  • development of dedicated user interfaces and menus,
  • user tests and documentation.

The Hi-fi System targets new operation modes by utilizing features related to the description of music contents.

Key features of the Hi-fi System are the ability to manage a huge amount of music on a hard disc, to manipulate the recorded tracks using novel content-based interfaces, as well as the possibility to communicate via a network with other server and client systems.

The Hi-fi System has two components as shown in the following figure: the HiFi unit and a remote controller.

The Hi-fi System is prototyped using a HTPC case that is available in the market. Beside a DVD player slot as well as hidden slots for card readers and front USB connectors, it has a touchscreen LCD display in on the front for basic interaction with the Hi-fi System and displaying music context such as CD covers or lyrics. The remote controller is based on a PDA that offers a modern design as well as a high resolution touch screen. The simple design allows to use the remote controller also in landscape mode. The interaction is done via the touch screen of the PDA. The communication between the PDA remote controller and the Hi-fi System unit is done via Wireless-LAN.

Software Architecture

The main software architecture is based on DeMuDi 1.2.1. DeMuDi is a debian based Linux distribution optimized for audio processing. Since linux is a choice already for a couple of Sony products, the choice of linux in the Hi-fi System facilitates a future migration to a real product. On top of it, Java is used for the integration all the components and modules of the partners.

The following figure shows the top level software architecture of the Hi-fi System.

User interface

The user interface is implemented using Macromedia Flash which enables efficient development and state of the art design for an attractive presentation on the Hi-fi System.

The user interface consists of two parts: one on the PDA remote controller and another on the touch screen on the Hi-fi System itself. The Flash GUI is communicating with the Java host using socket connection and Flash Remoting technology (OpenAMF and JBOSS).

Responsible partner/team: Sony EuTEC