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The objective of this work package is to develop a real-time mixing and non-real time mix-editing software for the advanced home user to the pro-DJ with easy-to-use intuitive user interface, the so-called Authoring Application.

This includes the development of functional modules as well as the integration of modules developed in other work packages to provide or enhance browsing, searching, sharing, mixing and performing features. The Authoring Application is developed on the basis of the commercial Traktor DJ Studio application for Software based DJing.

The main goal of the work package consists in the development of the entire Authoring Application, including:

  • Development of dedicated modules and features
  • Development of a dedicated software architecture
  • Identification of transferable modules and features
  • Optimization and integration of functional modules from partners
  • Development of dedicated user interfaces and menus
  • User tests and documentation

Key features of the Authoring Application are:

  • Performing and mixing using advanced effects and multiple decks,
  • Creation of DJ-Mixes to be played back later (also on other systems),
  • Convenient management of huge music collections,
  • Manipulation of tracks using novel content-based interfaces,
  • Sharing meta-data via a network with other server and client systems.

The graphical user interface is modular to account for the different user scenarios. Various customizeable views are provided tailored to the different use cases. An example is shown below.